When Will You Need a Party Wall Surveyor?

Simply defined, a party wall is a wall built across the boundaries of properties that belong to different owners. Good examples are the walls that separate semi-detached homes and the wall between two gardens.  

If there’s a dispute among neighbors regarding the party wall, then they call a party wall surveyor to help them find the solution to their woes. As required by law, the surveyor in such a dispute is a disinterested party to the ones involved.  As such, no involved property owner is allowed to be a surveyor in the said dispute. The law also excuses architects and engineers who are working on the property to be a surveyor if they are working for or on behalf of any of the owners.  

Who Can Be a Party Wall Surveyor? 

The ideal party wall surveyor is one who knows construction very well. They should be well-versed in when it comes to the procedures of installing party walls. With those said, the popular choices as surveyors are structural engineers and, of course, general building surveyors. 

One of the jobs of party wall surveyors is to prepare the wall agreement document. In this document, all the rights of all the owners are listed. It also includes their responsibilities in case of incidents such as damage during the course of work.   

Do You Need to Hire these Professionals? 

Property owners with party walls who are thinking of renovating their home may or may not need to hire a party wall surveyor. You may simply talk with your neighbor and settle things among yourselves.  

However, there are times when two neighbors are not seeing eye-to-eye on a certain matter, especially when it is the property that’s involved. If this is the case with you, then you definitely have to hire a party wall surveyor so that your renovation project is carried out smoothly.  

How is the Process? 

The party wall surveyor will serve the notice to your neighbor with the intention of having them agree to it. The document that will be served should be prepared well, which means it contains all the details of the agreement. The discussions between yours and your neighbor’s interests will ensue here.  

The whole idea is for all parties to arrive at a decision where everyone is satisfied. It is possible to have two surveyors working together and this is acceptable. When an owner appoints a surveyor, they are expected to act impartially so that an agreement is achieved. Owners can no longer rescind their appointed surveyor, unless it is the surveyor himself that declares that he is incapable of proceeding with the task.  

Hire the Best Party Wall Surveyors 

This is the reason why you need to hire a qualified party wall surveyor Colchester that you can trust. It is going to be difficult for you to proceed with the matter if you don’t trust your surveyor. Unlike a lawyer, you can’t just fire these professionals because the law itself prohibits homeowners from doing so. Be sure that you have fully qualified and background checked the professionals before appointing them 


Ways in Selling Your Car on Your Own

Some people would ask the help of the third person party in order to sell things and to have a good range of price and deal with the target clients. It sounds perfect for others as you don’t have to waste some of their time talking to potential buyers and all you’ve to do is to wait for the payment. For others it could be a bit hard and money-consuming as well as they need to pay the broker some amount of money and sometimes it has to be high. It’s a similar situation when your car’s broken down in the middle of the road and yes you can manage to repair it but you need a Sandy towing services.

Now, some car owners would take the risk and time to sell the car on their own to lower down the price of it and not have commission anymore. It would be faster to sell something if the price is not too high and you don’t need to pay someone because it was sold by them. Aside from the good sales talk, you also need to make sure that you know the different processes when it comes to selling your cars to other people. It has to undergo legal ways and buying, you have to make sure that it was inspected by a mechanic to make sure that the parts are working so well.

If you have decided that you are going to do it privately and take the possible risk of it, then you need to follow some steps in doing that. You have to know the demand of your car or the selling price of it to your city; you can check the official website of the manufacturer and calculate it. You should not make your price too high as others would consider this one as second-hand and not a brand-new type of vehicle. You have to check as well the possible customer target that you’re going to cater when selling this type of cars like those businessmen or rich man in your city.

Prepare everything that you should prepare related to the car that you are going to sell like the papers and pertaining documents about the cars. You have to put in your mind that transferring of the ownership of the car would take some time and it is the same with the title of the house.

You can tell your friends about this matter that you are selling your car and you are open for those people who would want to see it personally. It is the best time as well to have and see some potential buyers of your car and they can actually bid for the price.

There are some free websites that you can post your deal and car that you are selling for free or no cahrge at all. If you are not using this car anymore, then you can put it outside your house and labeled it with for sale signage.


How to Drive in Style

We live in a world wherein looks can tell a lot of a person. And apparently, the same can be said through the car he or she is driving. Your car is a reflection of you. What you drive can influence people of what they can tell about you.  

It doesn’t really matter what car you’re driving, whether it’s new or not. Treat it like you would yourself. Not only will you drive an attractive car, but you will also keep it running in good condition for many years to come. Here are some tips and tricks to help you drive in style. 


  1. Your driving style 

A little sway here and there, or getting out of lane more times than you should, can compel people watching from the sides or fellow drivers to say that you aren’t the best driver. Maybe that can be a style, but that can get you and others in troubles on the road. Driving in top speed is no better. Being able to drive properly, cautiously, and efficiently is more stylistic than an 80 mph driving speed. If you feel you need help, you can never be too smart to learn lessons. Driving schools Bronx NY are available. 


  1. Maintenance 

A well-maintained car embodies a good owner. Do you feel good getting out in your best foot forward but with your car looking like dust is the tint of the windows? Having your car cleaned and polished even once a week is enough to keep it tidy. Clean tires and functional brakes are also important. They will keep you and your driving safe. 


  1. Internal components 

The car’s coolants, heater, oil, sound system, must also be well cared for. Even the seat covers should be cleaned every once in a while. Giving a friend a ride with your car looking and smelling funny inside will make that friend not get in your car the next time. Just as your car is shiny outside, it should be in tip-top shape inside as well.  


  1. Basic tools 

Every car should have the basic tools: car jack, motor kit, and tire pressure sensor and pump. One should also have first aid kit. That is just as important as the others. Others may call you out for it. But would it be in style if someone sees you on the road with a car issue and not knowing what to do about it?  


  1. Customizations 

What you do for your wardrobe like picking staple pieces, can also be done for your car. Customizing your car according to your tastes and preferences will make it look unlike everyone else’s. You can have your way with your car but consider as well what is needed and what is not. Painting your car in a new color is alright. But getting bigger tires when you only drive in the city is unnecessary. It can also save you some bucks. 


  1. Your style 

Can more be said? If your car is in the best state it looks physically, then so should you. You don’t have to spend a dollop of money for you to look like a million bucks. Being put together from head to toe is what matters most.  


The Importance of Solar Energy

Solar energy is the heat and radiant light from the sun which supports life on earth. As a matter of fact, the amount of energy being produced by the sun is extremely large and we are only using a fraction of its energy.

Why is the energy from the sun more essential today than before? At one point, people will consume all the oil and coal which lay underneath the earth’s surface. In addition to that, using up the oil and coal and the end products of these natural elements create products which pollute the environment.

From scarred earth of strip excavating to the oil spills in the bodies of water, for generations we’ve damaged our environment in our non-stop quest for bigger electrical power.

How Do We Utilize Solar Energy?

A solar energy may be active solar or passive solar based on how the rays of the sun are distributed, captured and converted as power. Thermal collector and photovoltaic panels use active solar methods. Passive solar depends on designing building in order to use the sun’s rays when they reach the surface of the earth.

This may include how a structure is founded on the land as well as on which direction the windows are located. Furthermore, passive solar also depends on the materials used and on spatial designs which allow the rays of the sun to heat up an area and forms air flow only due to temperature.

Home design and urban planning today always depend on solar power through using Austin solar panels. Houses are placed on areas with south facing windows. On the other hand, north facing windows expose less open. One traditional use of solar power is a simple glass greenhouse. The ceiling and glass walls allow the energy of the sun to penetrate and create indoor spaces in the greenhouse which is a little bit warmer compared to the air outside. Nonetheless, the primary purpose of this greenhouse is to let the sun’s energy to hit growing plants as it is very essential for their natural growth.

Practical Applications

A solar technology is often termed as the thermal technology. It is always used in businesses and homes nowadays to heat up the spaces, to create hot water and to provide ventilation.

Water Heating

Anybody who has a pool or filled their children’s wading pool with water understands the value of solar power. The water that flows from aquifers or underground pipes is very cold for our body to be remained in for too long. Thus, we fill up the swimming pool and wait for the water to be heat up by the sun, warm enough to a point which is comfortable to play in or swim.

Sunlight is basically used for solar systems in order to provide hot or warm water in environmentally friendly houses. The usual solar water heaters are glazed flat plate collectors or evacuated tube collectors. The unglazed plastic collectors are utilized for heating several new pools. Solar water heaters are rapidly in the rise. If you are planning on installing one in your house, contact a professional and experienced hot water service provider that can surely help you do in a fast and appropriate manner.


How to Choose the Right Plumber for You 

It is important that all of our sinks, bathrooms, toilets, and tubs are working, for us to have a seamless day in our busy lifestyles. However, there are times that these facilities get broken, and it is one of the most annoying and frustrating things that could happen, especially if you have a busy schedule for the day. 

When this happens, we try to fix the problems ourselves, but we often fail and wished we have a neighbor that is a plumber. Don’t wait that these problems come to you, it is better to hire a plumber beforehand, so when the problem comes, we have a plumber on speed dial. To help you, here is how to choose the right plumber for you. 

Right Plumber for You 

  1. Ask

To find a plumber, you need to simply ask your friends, neighbors or relatives for a good plumber. Word of mouth may be ancient, but it is still one of the best methods of determining if a plumber is good or not. You can also find referrals from other workers, like your carpenter and electrician because their agency or service company might have plumbers too.  

  1. Search

Aside from word of mouth, we could find a good plumber nowadays via the internet. We could post on our social media accounts and notify our social circle that we need a good plumber. We could also search for websites and find excellent plumbers like 

  1. Licensed and Insured

After having a list or having a candidate for the plumber position, it is important that you interview him and ask him if he has a license and insurance. A license is a good determinant if he is a good plumber, this means he passed necessary tests to have it. An insurance coming from a plumber is a big plus too, this means he is liable if he has incurred further damages while he is working. 

  1. References

After passing the first two steps, you must inquire the previous clients of the plumber; this is what is called references. This is the best determinant if he is good or not; make sure that your references are a recent client, not an ancient one.  

  1. Experience

Another determinant if you are facing a good plumber or not is his experience or the length of him being in the business. The longer years he has worked, the bigger the chances that he is good. But be careful on numbers, because he might be high in quantity, but he might be just low in the quality of work. 

  1. Pricing

Before you hire your candidate plumber, you must ask and negotiate him about his services fee. While you can’t determine future problems, ask for an estimation of price so that both of you will have a clear expectation. 

If the problem is already there, negotiate first an estimation of cost before you let him start the work. A good method for having an estimation is asking for a minimum and maximum range of price. 


Factors Affecting Pricing of the Limo Service You Choose

The type of limo bus you choose in general determined the price of the limo service. If you are wondering as to how and why limousine service prices differ from one service to another will be discussed in this article, read through and get informed.

The most important factors that conclude the price of your limousine bus denver or party bus rental service are the following:


What kind of occasion you are celebrating. You must identify you needs and wants at the same for what kind of event you are celebrating. It is to some extent a very special day and having it celebrated with a glamour and style is necessary. And what it is for you to celebrate, is it a wedding day that you need everything to boost your picturesque moments, is it a kid birthday party that it is necessary to make the environment child friend and offers so much enjoyment for the kids. It is a graduation party, bachelor or bachelorette or a reunion.

Some of the party bus rental companies cater and specialize to a specific type or any kind of celebrations. And offers services that is suitable to the occasions and here amenities could be a factor that affect the limo service pricing. Another factor that could also determine the price is the limo service availability. If you are up to hire a company that you think the best for you and that’s the only party bus rental company that you would want to pursue, consider the fact that the number of booking the company has may also affect the pricing. Here the law of supply and demand takes place. So, if you are not considering going to other company then you can simply bump up your importance, this will happen only if you are willing to pay and spend for the company’s premium services. The decision is all up to you.


A limo service or a party bus rental company normally offers different level of service to clients. Some will just make it simple and easy and some will provide premium services, with full bar, fanfare and food. Usually depends on the occasion, but some of the limo service companies will offer an entire package discount deal, and this may include the entire outing as well as the venue costs and that’s all inclusive to the package. Come to think of bundled services rolled up into a good deal of price rate, sounds very convenient right?

Type of Limo

Yes, you read it right, the type of the party bus or limo service you’ll get also plays a major role when it comes to the price of the limo service you will be getting. The type of limo bus again depends on what kind of party or occasion you will be celebrating. There could be a variety of options like if you will go with standard stretch limo, or if you are considering a trendy hummer stretch or possible you will go out with a big party bus that could accommodate large number of guest. You can also have the limo company set up a themed or special motif for you.


How to Choose the Right Kitchen and Batch Remodeling Contractor

Homeowners encounter a long list of concerns and worries when planning a kitchen and bath remodeling project. Is it really the best move? Would the job take too long? How much would the expenses be? However, there’s one question that homeowners could benefit from asking more frequently – how to choose the best contractor?

These simple steps could mean the difference between sleepless nights and complete confidence when hiring a contractor to do the project.

  • Ask for Referrals

The ideal method to find a reliable expert to do the job is through word-of-mouth. Ask neighbors, friends, and relatives whom they have had great experience with. Also, ask what made the job a great experience, whether he/she will hire the same remodeler again, and how the remodeler managed issues.

  • Look at Credentials

Whether it is a visit to the website of the contractor or a phone call, do some initial research with the recommendations you have. Know whether the contractor has all the needed licenses from local municipalities and state, together with terms from any professional organizations like the National Association of Homebuilders, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, and the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Search for remodelers who have passed rigorous examinations and invested in coursework to obtain certain certifications. However, you should be wary because not every certification is made equal. Do some research and know the requirements.

  • Interview Candidates

Narrow your list of contractors down and set up interviews. Since things could get confusing beyond this, try to only keep at least 3 contractors. It is extremely important to see how the contractor answers the questions. However, communications go both ways. Candidates must ask a lot of questions to you as well.

  • Check References

Ask to see few of the projects of the contractors. If you like their projects, ask for references and contact the former clients of the contractors to check them up. Ask how the remodelers did at performing the jobs. Was there anything that could’ve been differently done? Were the clients satisfied with the results? Were the contractors on budget and on time?

Keep in mind that you aren’t buying a product; you are buying their service whenever you are hiring a contractor. Service quality would identify the finished project’s quality.

  • Ask for the Payment Schedule

Working out the schedule of payment beforehand is another significant tip for hiring a contractor. Payment schedules could speak to the work ethic and financial status of the contractor. The contractor might have financial issues if they ask you 50% of the total bid up front. For big projects, a schedule typically begins with 10% at signing of contract, 3 payments of 25% that is spaced evenly on the project’s duration, and a check for the last 15% whenever you feel each item on your list has been done.

Begin the negotiation process once you have a bid you like. Be sure that the quote is detailed and that you are comfortable with it before the job begins.


Ways to Prevent Car Stereo Theft

Anytime you leave your personal items inside your car, there is a risk of potential theft. It is easy to steal loose items and electronics such as GPS and phones. By not leaving your valuable things in your car, you can lessen the risk of it being stolen but your car stereo presents a unique problem because the stereo is attached to the dashboard in most cases, leaving it inside your car.

There is still a risk you need to be aware of whenever you exit your car even though car stereo theft has actually decreased in recent years. You must take the risk seriously especially if you have a more expensive stereo system installed in your automobile; however, you have options available to help you protect your car stereo.

On the resale market, car stereos make thieves a lot of money. Specialty stereos are very active to criminals because stock systems are typically not high in demand and they can be removed relatively quickly without needing to take the car itself.

Stereo thieves have no problem breaking a window and ripping the stereo out even while the alarm is going off and creating a disturbance especially if they are experienced enough even though car alarms are useful for bringing attention to possible car theft. There is a greater risk as your stereo is more expensive. Here are some ways for to prevent your stereo from being stolen.

Check Doors and Windows

Ensure that you completely close and lock your window and doors every time you leave your car. Unlocked windows and doors invite thieves to target your car’s stereo and your belongings.

Park Your Car Safely

Whenever you are able to, park your car in a secured area such as a garage. Park your car in well-lit areas that have a lot of foot traffic when in public places. Thieves will surely go after vehicles that offer the least chance of them getting caught. The cars that will likely suffer from break-ins are those that are in the dark, parked near an easy escape route or isolated from the public.

Keep the Stock Radio

If you like the sound and it still works well, you can keep the stock radio in your car because thieves rarely target or steal stocks radios, and they don’t have much resale value and don’t fit well in different role models of cars which give them a very limited usage.

Tinted Windows

To help prevent thieves from seeing what type of stereo you have in your car, consider installing tinted windows. Thankfully, there are many window tinting companies that offer professional services such as that provides high-quality work and ensures that their clients are satisfied.

You must still be aware of the risk even though car stereo theft is a decreasing crime. You always want to protect your investments because complacency is your worst enemy. The value of your vehicle in addition to the cost of the radio itself lowers if your car gets broken into and components are ripped out.